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Toll Collection Systems

Toll Control is E-Transit's highly accurate and reliable toll collection system platform. It is easily configured to meet an agency's specific requirements, and supports manual, ETC, ACM, and mixed-mode lane modes.

Video Toll Auditing

ITV-3000 is the latest generation of E-Transit's patented digital video audit system technologies for toll collection systems. It allows management personnel to completely re-construct any toll transaction and view all of the real-time events that were a part of the transaction.

Video Surveillence

A full-featured hybrid DVR/NVR platform that includes the latest digital video compression, analytics, and storage technologies. A wide variety of third party analog and IP fixed and PTZ cameras are supported.

ETC Customer Service

The industry's first low-cost, internationalized, "shrink-wrapped" ETC Customer Service Center software package. It is simple to install, operate, and maintain. The full-featured FlexCSC software package is perfect for public toll agencies as well as commercial toll concessionaires.

Maintenance Management

A Maintenance On-Line Management System (MOMS) package that is designed specifically for the toll collection industry. Its unique maintenance alarm normalization algorithms minimize false dispatches, "orphaned" work-orders, etc.

Vehicle Separation

E-Transit's new VS-77 is an exciting "drop-in" replacement for costly and hard to maintain light curtain based vehicle separation systems. It provides a variety of outputs to interface with existing lane controllers, video enforcement systems, automatic classification systems, and more.

ETC/RFID Solutions

E-Transit has extensive experience with RFID and electronic toll collection system systems. We use RFID equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, and select the right product/technology for each specific application.

Port and Customs Solutions

E-Transit provides integrated solutions and consulting services for enhancing traffic flow and security at ports and cargo container inspection facilities.

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