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E-Transit's management started out in 1981, developing control and audit systems for toll and security applications. Over the years, the company's principals have developed a variety of systems--ranging from sophisticated security systems to automated toll collection systems that process vehicles traveling in excess of 100 MPH. Our team has developed several patented video/data products used worldwide for reducing fraud in point-of-sale and toll collection systems.

Many of our systems operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week, in climates ranging from equatorial rain forests to the Eastern Canadian Maritimes.

Our experience includes hardware design, software design, integration, and installation services. We have staff engineers who specialize in electrical circuit design, testing, field installation, and creating computer interfaces to existing electronic and electromechanical devices. Our systems routinely control and process data from a variety of sensors, as well as manual and automated data entry devices, ID/biometric identification devices, digital video imaging devices, and more.

Some of our systems have been operational in excess of 18 years. As such, we understand the importance of good quality control practices and documentation. Due to the "mission critical" nature of these systems, we design for easy maintainability. We consistently use off-the-shelf components, standardized communication protocols, open computing systems, and conservative design practices.